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Email Lists

These email lists are for the purpose of communication among the residents on or near Bohlman Road, Saratoga, California. Bohlman is the umbrella list, and merely feeds the other two. Please use this one only for things you believe are of interest to the entire Bohlman community. The most obvious candidates are the public safety items like fires, road closures, and pot farms. UpperBohlman is a clone of the Yahoo Group, with those email addresses which are still valid. MidBohlman will begin with those provided by Aviva Garrett, and includes residents of On Orbit and Apollo Heights. Please use these lists responsibly.

Each email address is actually a member of all three lists, so any one can post to any list, and can view the archives of any list. But the "no email" flag is set for the inappropriate lists. The Bohlman list will have this "no email" flag set for all entries except those for the UpperBohlman and the MidBohlman lists. Anyone who wishes to can receive the email for both the Upper and Mid lists.

Because of that non-traditional membership arrangement, please request changes by email to rather than directly on the list menus. New additions should include names and address as well as the email address.

To post to the list, send an email from your registered email address to:

If you have too many addressees on your email, your post will be held for administrator review, and you'll be advertising the email addresses of people who might not want to make them so widely known. Don't include any executable attachments. The size limit is currently two megabytes.

By default, any reply goes to the poster rather than to the list. This helps reduce unnecessary accidental traffic for "Oops, sorry everyone, I thought I was replying to the sender."